How Blogger Platform become Powerfull with our Developed Templates?


Hello, Piki Blogging viewer thanks for being benevolent with our Blogger Templates. Now it’s time to give a powerful and glorious experience on the blogger platform, well it's not easy for us to achieve that’s level of features for your blogger website. Kindly read carefully what we doing for you in Blogger Templates Industry this is futuristic for each user.

First of all, let’s see who we are and how we started this by now achieving Powerful blogger templates.
I have 8 Years of Experience in XHTML Coding the same Blogger Platform Language, but in 2014 I work for the “” platform this is also the same as a blogger where I developed the Wapaka site templates, I deliver the templates and customs designs by manually my clients and users but unfortunately this Gaint website shutdown in 2018 and discontinued its service (Update with new domain come back) 
Well, this is why I achieve a better coding experience to provide you clean and powerful templates, the most important is your love and support towards us. Thanks very much for being supportive of us and we’re still surviving in the blogger templates industry. There are many future plans we have planned to provide more unique and professionals designs. We have launched our more partner website to provide different types of category templates.

Flexibility & Power:

As you know we’re having the past 8 years of experience by which design blogger templates at different levels that you should what is different from other templates developer’s and still we’re improving our coded templates in more different ways and easy interface.
 We design our blogger templates in that where it meets user requirements like Simple and easy interface without any single line of HTML code, not only this if you inspect the template though google chrome browser then you will see when a website loaded its useful content is painted not any single useless widgets also the optimization that we done in our blogger templates either there is CSS or HTML even in our jS we doing Gzip Compression to fast real-world experience, not like heavy page size website.

Use of Lazy Loads:

Use of Lazy Loads only in images gives a fast loading experience because the image is the only part of the template that slows the website speed that we always recommend you to use compressed size images at 25kb max. That template where the sidebar is not available at the homepage to suppose to be when we’re inserted special blogger conditional tags to load that widget or section on that place where it’s needed to display.

On other hand the use of schema tags is a very advanced level, Schema is the heart of blogger templates because google understands the website structure and layout with the help of properly installed schema tags. We use special schema tags for WP header, WP sidebar, WP Footer, and also for blogger pages we use a schema that nobody currently uses in 2021.
 In our blogger templates, you can use google schema tests to get live results regarding the schema tags. In blogger there are many Gadgets available like Featured Posts and Popular Posts, Archive Section, Blog Share, etc. too many gadgets available which loaded when you refresh your website in the background which increases the page size, we found a solution where we use <b: includable…. Disabled /> tags in a template for each main blogger Sections. 
We use Blogger tags to disable such useless sections to give you a powerful and clean blogger template, and avoid using display: none rather than use blogger conditions tags to stop showing those gadgets. That’s why we explained here we are different from other developers that they give fake promises we’re the best. 
You get amazing services that nobody provides like Domains at cheap price, Adsense approval help, Unblock Domains from social media platform like Facebook, Quora because due to sharing website link continuously in these social media platforms for traffic user’s website domain got blocked and they pay 50$ around for unblocking domains but we provide these type free services.

Our Future Plans:

We’re going to improve our services better for every customer that their issues and queries can be resolved easily without any problem, not only for the Premium customers but for Free Templates user’s are going to provide great customer support if any user’s stuck while using our blogger templates. 
We will need your support for better services in Piki Blogger Templates, in 2021 it’s very hard to survive due to the COVID-19 Panademic situation right now. We’ve also launched a Special Limited Edition scheme by which users can get the premium templates for their blogging journey so that they can work at home during this situation of Corona Virus dieases. For more information regarding Special Limited Editon, you can visit this pricing page section here.

Our achievements:

  1. In 2014 we started creating Templates XHTML templates for the platform further this platform is close then in 2017 we’re started creating blogger templates in the Blogspot domain then after successfully learning about blogger templates we’re started publishing blogger templates in further this domain closed because not getting a good response as a brand.
  2. In 2019 again struggling in Blogger Templates but we’re doing something different and unique for professional beautiful designs then we started a Brand Name Piki templates where we create blogger templates.
  3. In 2020 we started our Distribution partner domain where the goal and focus are to reach more blogger platform users and we achieve good results with your support and love.
  4. In 2021 we started our two-parent Website domains and where create Glacier Effects templates and Colorful designs so that users can get more choice over our professional and powerful blogger templates.

So this is the journey of our Blogger Templates, and still, we’re working and more future plans updated here we’re going to reveal because due competition in blogger templates and its a platform. But as we promise we’re the best in the development of blogger templates and proving a great service to you. Keep in touch with us.

Final Words:

 Thanks for your support, happy blogging journey for any advice and suggestion kindly reach us we’re always to help you.
  Do blogging Sanitized your hands and Start on Work, Best of regards from our team
Note: We Create a Blogging Experience with a Blogger Platform more flexible and tangible that is why this important note is displayed here, to resolve each and every customer query we work hard Read this Article for more details! what we're doing for you either you're a free or premium customer no matter. Before asking any Question please visit this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to get answers to the most common questions.

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  1. Ohh now i got why my website is so flexible and ranking its visibilty in google 🤳👀

  2. You guys have made amazing blogger templates, similarly keep up the good work, thanks

  3. Hi Piki
    I am really happy with your template. But one serious problems I am facing that is when I upload webp format images and
    publish it show me Webp format but when 8 check my site URL in PageSpeed insight it show me "Serve images in next-gen in S1600/how-to-login.webp. and other is w680/how-to-login.webp."

    What does it means?

    Pls help me
    You also check my URL In PageSpeed.

    1. Please compress your images in low size so that it doesn't affect your website speed

  4. Your templates are great. But none of them have a simple label based gadget for sidebar.

  5. You guys are making great themes! Love you guys

  6. My congratulations on your creativity, as well as on the excellent customer service.

  7. Sir I want to learn blogger templates Development, how can I learn

  8. nice templates i love it and plz make a gaming template i think it would be also best

  9. Really nice templates, thanks for your works 🤗 Im planning buy a premium template soon from you, it will help to seo stuffs right Google index time etc, and when new templates coming? I wondered 😊

    1. Oh my Goodness, these words really appreciable ❤️😘

  10. Thanks so much for your nice theme. The most beautify and fast themes are from you, and I am from Vietnam. :)

  11. Estoy súper feliz por sus plantillas son geniales, por favor hagan plantillas de tiendas con la opción de pedir por Whatsapp en cada publicación se los agradezco infinitamente

  12. Olá meu nome é Rivaldo Santos, comprei um modelo premium, porém estou tendo alguns problemas, entrei em contato por Whatsapp, mas não obtive respostas.
    Estou usando o modelo Mag paper.

    1. Estamos enfrentando um problema técnico, entre em contato novamente

  13. Please more models from Apk Store 🥺🥺

  14. I have downloaded your template for free, can I remove your footer credit, please let me know

    1. Sorry sir you're not allowed to remove our footer credit in free version, please buy premium version if you want to edit footer credit.

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